The 6th Healthcare Trasformation Conference has concluded with success.

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Healthcare Transformation

As scientific program managers, we would like to thank for their trust, and all the guests for their insights and conclusions.

Briefly, we will refer in particular to findings and statements made within the ππžπ° π„π«πš πŸπ¨π« πŒπžππ’𝐜𝐚π₯ π“πžπœπ‘𝐧𝐨π₯𝐨𝐠𝐲 section, which was moderated by the Managing Partner Michalopoulou & Associates, Ms. Ioanna Michalopoulou

Mr. Dimitris Zographopoulos referred to the use of emerging medical technologies on the part of the State and the Ministry of Health, the new category of medicaldevice as a software, the issue of the extensive health data collection ecosystem that exists in Greece (e.g. SIS of IDIKA, EOPYY, EOF, ELSTAT, ODIPY), as well as the possibility of secondary exploitation of these data by companies creating medical devices apps. 

Mr. Dimitris Zamanis referred, among other things, to the necessary requirements on the part of MDR manufacturers – especially with regard to their compliance with the confidentiality of information – to ISO270001 systems, as well as to the possibility of the National Evaluation Center of Quality & Technology in Health S.A. – EKAPTY S.A. to assume the role of notified body also for medical device systems that will include AI.

Ms. Aikaterini Iliadou referred to the necessary framework of rules for the application of AI in the wider medical technology sector and the organisation of the supervision of the use of AI by the Data Protection Authority.

Ms. Georgia Economopoulou referred, among other things, to smarthospitals, the ways in which state hospitals could follow these innovative developments, as well as to the system of evaluation of their services. 

Mr Kostas Mariakis referred to MedTech Europe and the consequences that the proposed broad definition of artificialintelligence as high risk for the members of the SEIB may have. Finally, he referred to the challenges and benefits of including digital healthapps as reimbursable by the Greek health system, following the example of other European countries.