Kostis Dermitzakis

Senior Associate


A LL.M graduate and experienced Criminal Defense Attorney with a focus on White Collar and Cybercrime, licensed to practice law before the Supreme Court of Greece.

Kostis has been successfully handling diverse legal cases ranging across all stages of the Criminal Procedure and pertaining to: Money Laundering, Cybercrime, Cryptocurrency, Fraud, Computer Fraud, Extortion, Bribery (active and passive), Embezzlement, Forgery, Infidelity, Infidelity in Service, European and International Arrest Warrants, International / Domestic Criminal Organizations, as well as, Extradition, Medical Negligence and Malpractice, representing private and public law entities such as multinational corporations, investment funds as well as shipping and brokerage companies, based in the UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Turkey, Belize, British Virgin Islands and Panama amongst other locations globally.

Following the completion of his LL.M in the UK in 2011, a short span in New York and successful licensing from the Athens Bar Association, he has been practicing in one of the leading law firms in Athens specialized in white collar crime, heading the Criminal Law Litigation department. Working to the highest standards and being exposed to a unique breadth and depth of complex penal law cases, allowed for developing a skill set to match.

Currently a Senior Associate with Michalopoulou & Associates Lawgroup, he contributes his criminal law expertise to strengthen the firm's long standing compliance, regulatory and privacy law section, thus preventing and resolving legal issues of elevated corporate risk, such as cybersecurity breaches, money laundering and other white collar crime related offenses.

He is fluent in Greek and English.

Kostis Dermitzakis

40, Ag. Konstantinou st.
“Aithrio” Business Center (Α 16-18)
Marousi, 15 124 - Athens, Greece
Phone: (+30) 210 33 05 230
Email: info@lawgroup.gr