Student Conference on “Bioethics and Medical Law”

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Student Conference on
Student Conference on "Bioethics and Medical Law"

Our Managing Partner Ioanna Michalopoulou, and Associate Dimitrios Aineias Spiliotis, presented a thought-provoking intervention in the Student Conference on “Bioethics and Medical Law” organised by The European Law Students’ Association Komotini (ELSA).

They addressed the topic of AI’s role in health, emphasizing its potential benefits in enhancing diagnostics, treatment, and overall patient care. They also delved into the challenges and ethical dilemmas posed by the use of AI, particularly concerning accountability for malfunctions and errors, whilst highlighting the need for a comprehensive legal framework that clarifies the responsibilities of stakeholders, including developers, healthcare providers, and regulatory bodies, in ensuring the safe and ethical deployment of AI Technology.

Progress, being a core value of ours, we are very happy to be supporting such initiatives; quoting our managing partner: “It was refreshing to partake in a conference whose purpose was to educate the new generation of lawyers on the complex ethical and legal issues shaping our healthcare landscape.”