Medtech Europe represents the medical technology industry in Europe. It is the alliance of the two leading medical technology industry associations, EUCOMED (which represents the European medical devices industry) and EDMA (which represents respectively the European in vitro diagnostic industry). In the context of their alliance EUCOMED and EDMA adopted on 2 December 2015 a new
The rapid rise in the use of digital technologies in the healthcare sector is not lost to cyber criminals. In USA, in particular, cyber threat groups have alarmingly shown a growing interest in healthcare industry, with medical records of more than 40 million Americans being breached in 2014 leading to losses of nearly $12 billion
On March, 15th, 2016 the European Parliament Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development adopted by a large majority the report on the Commission’s proposal regarding the manufacture, placing on the market and use of medicated feed. The new rules, which will be implemented in the form of Regulation, will replace the current Council Directive 90/167/EEC of 26 March
The alarming increase of falsified medicinal products in Europe has already been discussed in one of our previous articles.  Passing themselves as the real, authorized medicines while containing ingredients which are of bad quality or in wrong dosages, falsified medicinal products are a major threat to public threat and safety – given that consumers might not
As we have already presented in our previous article , ΕU institutions adopted on 16 April 2014 Regulation 536/2014 on “clinical trials on medicinal products for human use”. The Regulation entered into force on 16 June 2014.   However, it will apply no earlier than 28 May 2016. This is due to the fact that
The new 4281/2014 law which was published on August 8th 2014, already discussed in some of our previous articles, has not yet been applied due to recent developments on EU legislation. In particular, its purpose has been to form a new harmonized legal context which will regulate the public procurement contract procedure, as well as implementing European
The use of mobile applications in healthcare has been rapidly growing, globally. Meanwhile, a long and intense discussion has emerged between users and entrepreneurs, resulting from the forthcoming adoption of the General Data Protection Regulation, which will have legally binding force in all EU member states and will replace existing relevant legislation by the end of
The conclusion of “cartel” agreements between competitors/companies when participating in public tenders is undoubtedly a critical issue in correlation to competition law. Throughout the last few years, the risk of collusion practices in public tenders is high; to enforce their competition policies, the European Commission along with National Competition Authorities, including the Hellenic Competition Authority,
The Law 4329/2015 which was published on June 2, 2015 introduces new provisions regarding Greek procedural administrative law. In particular, the law foresees the possibility of a payment order for existing claims arising from administrative contracts signed in the context of a commercial transaction. The new law amends the Administrative Procedural Code and includes a
The EOF Circular no 106329/15.12.2014, regulating the management of scientific events, was repealed by its decision 34212/18.5.2015. The latter stated that ΕΟF’s prior Circular no 64740/1.9.2013 will be back in force until the publication of a new circular. It is noteworthy that EOF’s latest Circular had raised several questions on issues such as the obligation
In the last few years, there has been an alarming increase of falsified medicinal products in Europe. Falsified medicines are medicines with a false representation of their identity, source and history -medicines therefore which pass themselves as real, authorized medicines. In particular, falsified medicines might contain ingredients which are of bad quality or in wrong
Extensive Web use has become a global phenomenon which has nonetheless brought to surface certain issues -personal data protection being one of them. The health industry is certainly positively influenced by the increasing new technological developments that lead to the improvement of medical services. Although the design of websites, accessible both to Healthcare Professionals and


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