The concept of legitimate interest, to which explicit reference is made in the new General Data Protection Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR), has led to a heated debate as it can be interpreted in various ways and can have different meaning across the numerous State-Members of the European Union. Clarifying the concept of legitimate interest is of
Following the recent closure of a private umbilical cord blood bank, which operated without the license required by the applicable legislation as well as the criminal prosecutions initiated against its representatives, this article will focus on the legal framework regarding the operation of such Banks in Greece. It should be noted that in view of
Necessity: an exception that became the rule As in any case, there are exceptions recognized even on personal data protection. According to the law, personal data may be processed without the consent of the subject, when such process is necessary for the implementation of the contract to which the contracting party is data subject or
Brief Summary of facts Following the Athens Appeal Court’s decision no. 1900/2017, an individual’s lawsuit was rejected, in relation to an insurance company’s refusal to sign a life insurance contract with the latter, in view of processing the individual’s personal data from his military discharge papers, on which it was referred that the individual suffered
As we have mentioned in our previous articles, the General Data Protection Regulation 679/2016 will bring revolutionary changes in the healthcare sector. Among others, business activities of Internet service providers, cloud providers, pharmacovigilance service providers, Contract Research Organisations, patient service call centers who are considered as processors of personal data will also be influenced by the
The current European legislation on cosmetic products adequately regulates the legal status of cosmetics within the European Union. However, besides the safety measures that their manufacturers have to take to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Regulation having as primary concern consumer safety, cosmetic manufacturers must also never conduct any testing of product’s ingredients
The protection of undisclosed know-how and trade secrets has long troubled businesses which irrespective of their size, value trade secrets as much as patents and other forms of intellectual property right. For many, confidentiality can be used as a business competitiveness and research innovation management tool, which covers a diverse range of information that extends
“No other sector holds the promise to enhance quality of life, productivity and environmental sustainability through innovation like biotechnology, while also benefiting Europe’s economy and research base”. Carlo Incerti, Chairman of EurapaBio, 3η EuropaBio event on the Benefits of Biotechnology, Brussels, 23 June 2015 As time goes by, the term Biotechnology becomes rifer with meaning
The use of pesticides in food, especially when growing fruit and vegetables, is now commonplace; farmers use pesticides in order to preserve or even increase their yields. Nevertheless, there are several risks regarding consumer safety and questions arise on the allowed pesticide residue quantities in food meant for consumption. In Europe, the first step towards
On October the 5th, 2015, the EU Council of Ministers agreed on its baselines on the looming two Regulations on medical devices and in-vitro medical devices. Closely related to the Commission’s relevant proposal and the adjacent EU Parliament and EU Council reports, both Regulations will aim to modernize the existing legislation, taking into account the
Why was the new Code adopted?          In the last years, following the technological development and Internet revolution, the number of regulatory initiatives has sharply risen since new social relations are born in the world web village. Our article will elaborate on the Greek Code of Practice for Consumer Protection in E-Commerce which was published in March 2017.
New rules, binding or not, aimed to regulate research activities, have been recently adopted on a global level. Besides the provisions of General Data Production Regulation regarding research and the Regulation on clinical trials, new rules have been set in the revised edition of the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity. The Code was published by the


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