Food Safety Conference 2019

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During the works of the Food Safety Conference 2019 our lawfirm participated in the section “Exploiting Advanced Technology Solutions”. Ioanna Michalopoulou focused on the issue of Novel Foods and the achievement of a high level of credibility in all parts of the supply chain, producer, distributor as well as reviewing tools and approaches to assess their commitment to producing safe food.

Furthermore, she mentioned these new dietary trends inevitably lead to personalized nutrition through wearable devices. The growing role of nutrigenomics creates the conditions for personalized nutrition with technologies based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and 3D printing. Thus, personalized medicine gives way to personalized nutrition and patient engagement to customer engagement. Nutrogenomics and the exploration of our genes, are considered to be able of making us our ideal and personalized food for tomorrow. But what are the guarantees the companies need to acquire in order to operate in the field?

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