Overview & Sectors


We have one compelling mission: to provide legal success for our clients.

We maximize your investment in the Medical, Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical industries; we deliver excellence through sophisticated legal services and fulfill disparate business needs. We take the time to carefully listen and explain your options at every stage of the legal process. This is what makes us different: a results-driven service that is always client-centric.

Given the complexity of today’s environment and the changes in our profession, your legal support is often enhanced by healthcare specialists, finance and tax advisors. Furthermore, given the global reach of your operations, we have established an international network of associates who share our values and can run the extra mile for you, even in the face of  the most complex domestic and international transactions.

Michalopoulou & Associates  prides itself on the exceptional talent of our team of professionals; individually, they have developed significant legal experience working for international law firms, multinational corporations in the medical, life sciences and pharmaceutical industries and a vast array of private and public organizations. We understand the value of speed for business and deliver a supportive and flexible environment with effective and up-to-date solutions for our clients.

Our practice sectors are:




Medical Law practice presupposes a deep engagement with current and upcoming legal issues and a commitment to work with both institutions and patients. Our experienced and dedicated team works in issues related to E-Health,Consent to treatment in Clinical trials, exceptional, Personalized treatment and funding issues as well as other areas such as children, wills and disputes, and patient property, as patients are empowered to become more closely involved in decisions about their treatment. We also offer comprehensive training programs for clinicians and hospital administration staff including obtaining consent, avoiding breaches of confidentiality and how to properly record consent in real life situations. Whatever your institutional ambitions or private concerns, we will mobilize our expertise and experience to form health law solutions that deliver your objectives efficiently and effectively.


Whether your business needs corporate and commercial advice and guidance, faces compliance and corporate governance issues, or needs expert advice on Ιntellectual property, Data Protection, Parallel Trade, Clinical Negligence and Public Procurement, our team of experts in health law has got you covered. Moreover, we have considerable experience on advising on the issues that arise from clinical drug trials and research in addition to licensing of production and marketing authorisation of Cannabis Medicinal products thus, our expertise extends to the full range of legal actions required for the notification and distribution of cosmetics and food supplements. Our deep engagement to the corporate, commercial side of pharmaceutical law also ensures attention to all the financial aspects of drug trials, as well as the risk management aspects of clinical pathways and protocols.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences is at the forefront of improving our overall quality of life through discovery and innovation. Our lawyers combine a mix of acute scientific understanding, legal expertise and experience and business awareness to protect our client’s interests and proactively maximize their value; we are here to help life sciences at all stages of their commercial development.

Industry-specific transactional and regulatory proficiency combined with an extensive in-house experience gained from working for leading multinational and Greek healthcare companies have helped our clients navigate the complex legal framework ruling medical & pharmaceutical products. Product development, protection, circulation, pricing, as well as participation to public tenders, antitrust & parallel trade, patent protection, biotechnologies, veterinary, FDA and pesticides marketing practices, Reimbursement, Consumer law, Medical Devices, Malpractice, Product Liability, Licensing, Anti-bribery/Global Compliance issues are some of the matters that we have and continue to deal with on a daily basis.

IC Technology

The development of new technologies followed by the increasing digitalization of the services currently provided by companies sets out new priorities for businesses involved in the field of information, technology and e-commerce.  In this context, such businesses should harmonize their procedures in order to ensure full compliance with applicable local and European laws and regulations in regards to E-Commerce, IPR and Information Technology Law. Having always in mind our clients’ specific needs and interests, we undertake a full range of legal actions required in order to prepare them for meeting the requirements of the digital world, such as drafting of terms of use, confidentiality policies tailored to the needs and activity of each business, intellectual property rights and trademark issues alongside day-to-day support to every activity of the company.

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