Our Services

The Law is a living organism. In recent years and due to the economic and technological environment, significant changes have been implemented in Greek and EU Law that affect most of the medical law practice areas. Our team consistently monitors these changes and adapts its practice in order to secure attentive and ethical service that brings undisputed results to the client.

Our service sectors are:

Our Services


We provide commercially focused and relevant advice to help protect and grow businesses in a landscape of changing policy and regulation.

We actively assist healthcare and pharmaceutical multinational and Greek companies to form subsidiaries, branches or joint-ventures in Greece. We advise clients on the optimal legal vehicles from a corporate and commercial point of view, we negotiate between shareholders and draft joint-venture agreements leading to M&As; we form Greek subsidiaries on behalf of foreign investors. We advise on all corporate matters from the date of incorporation to liquidation. In Agency, Distribution, Terms and Conditions of Trade, collaborations and Joint Ventures, Grant agreements, Clinical Trial agreements, since we are specialized in Intellectual Property and Mergers & Acquisitions, we undertake all formalities required for the successful completion of our client’s objectives.

Moreover, our team of healthcare lawyers is very active in providing educational lectures, briefings and seminars, to keep our clients informed and confident on recent developments and changes in health law.

Healthcare Compliance

In the last few years, substantial change in the Health sector has seen a wave of challenges driven by public policy, reduced funds and to be compliant with a whole new set of rules and conditions. We help our clients with accreditations (Global Compliance Programs), allocation of responsibilities and risk, organizational structures that drive accountability, effective reporting processes to relevant bodies, legal duties of management, as well as new procedures for the resolution of disputes and conflicts of interest. Moreover, we are always aware that healthcare is an often newsworthy 24/7 business; we’re keen therefore to offer 24/7 advice in this new social age.

Intellectual Property

We serve our clients’ interests in intellectual property (“IP”) across a wide spectrum of healthcare IP issues, spanning from Data Protection to Compliance for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Technology companies. We provide clients with general and strategic legal advice regarding E-health projects, patents, trademarks and trade secrets. We regularly advise on the issues arisen from actual and potential breaches of processing and free movement of Personal Data information. While electronically stored and transmitted information is inherently global, the laws and enforcement mechanisms
still trace EU and national borders.

Public procurement

Commercial companies and public sector bodies increasingly seek to procure goods and services from EU countries. The legal and procedural implications of these transactions have become more and more important. Extreme care, the type that health practitioners practice towards their patients, is needed in order for many of these deals not to unravel due to hasty judgments on the requested legalities. Our EU procurement services offer a full range of specialist niches; we advise on management and the right procurement process, including the drafting of and advice in relation to notices, invitations to Tender, conditions of contract and replies from tenderers. We also handle general compliance within the EU Procurement regime.

Clinical Negligence & Malpractice

First rate healthcare is the primary objective for all health practitioners. However, sometimes this objective is not met and this leads to great stress for everyone involved. We will work tirelessly to gather the evidence needed to support your claim and proceed to analyze each of the three key elements of each claim – duty of care, breach of duty and causation of injury. Our research, enriched by our collaboration to important practising experts, will leave no stone unturned and our skills in cross examination of even highly specialized clinical professionals will secure a fair result. Our health law team can deliver successful strategies and invent resources to keep the costs down for all parties involved.

Data Protection – GDPR

After many years of dealing with the area of ​​personal data protection, our office is specialized in the law of personal data, the protection of which differs in most branches of Greek law and is closely linked to the European regulatory framework. In particular, with the application of Regulation 2016/679, the regulatory framework on personal data is changing and the requirements for businesses active in the Health Area are strengthened. The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is expected to be put in place and implemented immediately in all member states on 25 May 2018 by reforming the existing legal framework for protection with regard to the personal data of the subjects. Its purpose is to lay down rules on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and its objective is to provide uniform and effective protection for EU citizens. Its application is mandatory and direct for those who keep and process personal data, whether individuals or businesses, or government agencies. It concerns small and large businesses, irrespective of activity and industry, while handling data processing and record keeping, whether it is partially or totally automated or not. GDPR will affect the entire business world and especially the health sector due to its extensive interaction with data subjects and often the processing of sensitive personal data.