Proud to be part of the Biotech evolution in Greece. An evolution with data at its epicenter. From patients’ and health care professionals’ to clinical trials’ and medical institutions’ data, Artificial Intelligence requires data volume, yet privacy laws pose restrictions. Our Managing Partner Ioanna Michalopoulou will be speaking on how to navigate this oxymoron, giving legal pointers on Data Privacy,

Lawyer October 2021

Artificial Intelligence, its applications and the demands posed by Reg. 2017/745 (MDR) on medicaldevices manufactures and HP, was the core question set by Alexianna Tsotsou to our Managing Partner Ioanna Michalopoulou, as part of LAWYER | The Business Magazine’s research on artificialintelligence and the way it is shaping the new EU legal landscape for health. You can access the entire article, in the October 2021 issue

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