The Digital Green Certificate

2020 Food Safety Conference

Future of Healthcare in Cyprus

Ms Michalopoulou and Ms Chatziantoniou have contributed to this year’s edition on the compliance of pharmaceutical companies with the local and European legislation and in particular the current legislative framework in Greece for providing information prior authorization of a medicinal product, advertising to healthcare professionals (HCPs), gifts and hospitality, regarding transparency and disclosure status as

Pharma Transformation 2019

Our law firm also contributed this year as a research associate to the 3rd Pharma Transformation Day: Compliance in a Digital Era Mrs. Michalopoulou has participated in the section “Digital Transformation: The Role of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence” and emphasized on the legal issues and ethical dilemmas that the health industry is calling

Food Safety Conference 2019

During the works of the Food Safety Conference 2019 our lawfirm participated in the section “Exploiting Advanced Technology Solutions”. Ioanna Michalopoulou focused on the issue of Novel Foods and the achievement of a high level of credibility in all parts of the supply chain, producer, distributor as well as reviewing tools and approaches to assess
During the 2nd Workshop of EEFAM: Medical – 18 April 2019, the regulatory framework for clinical trials (interventional and non-interventional) was presented with special emphasis of the current legislation on their proper and legal management in relation to the European Personal Data Regulation (GDPR) and the European Regulation οf Clinical Trials (CTRs) was analyzed taking

Health IT Conference 2019

Our law firm participated in the Health IT Conference and in particular Ioanna Michalopoulou was a speaker at the Round Table on “One Year From GDPR Implementation”. The process of compliance with the GDPR General Data Protection Regulation was discussed in detail by keynote speakers. What has been achieved, what is lacking, what is in