By Giorgos Skampoulos, Associate LL.M. The issue of the responsibility of the doctor, who has increased qualifications compared to the average doctor of his speciality, has been raised in Greek theory and jurisprudence. A highly qualified doctor may be considered to be one who, for example, holds an academic title, is a clinic director, is
7th Southwestern Greece Post-Educational Meeting on Cancer
It was a great pleasure and honor to participate in the 7th Southwestern Greece Post-Educational Meeting on Cancer, which took place in Patras on 8th & 9th September 2023; our legal team presented key legal issues that concern healthcare professionals, with a focus on: With sincere thanks to the Oncology Unit of the General Hospital “Agios Andreas”
By Giorgos Skampoulos, Associate LL.M. Novel foods have become increasingly established in the dietary choices of consumers worldwide in recent decades. Since their spread is not a fact that can be ignored, both EU and US legislators have established a modern framework so as to regulate the emerging issues in an authentic way. Although the
Metaverse and Intellectual Property

Metaverse and Intellectual Property

By Evangelia Manika, Associate, LL.B MSc.Nowadays, the metaverse could be the new megatrend in many areas of people’s daily life, as it could offer a variety of benefits in the fields of communication, gaming, shared experiences, healthcare, education, intellectual property etc. However, many concerns can be raised about the legal aspects of the metaverse. Among


By Aineias Spiliotis, LL.B. On June 14, the European Parliament’s plenary gave the green light to the AI Act, which will be followed by the trilogue process, in which the European Parliament will negotiate with the Council of the EU and the European Commission. This process aims to reach agreement on a legislative proposal that
HBIO EU Reform
Our Managing Partner Ioanna Michalopoulou joined on 16th June 2023 the Greek Biopharma Innovation panel – organized by 3rd Hellenic Biocluster (HBio) Forum 2023, where key biotech scientists and business leaders discussed the impact of the long awaited EU Pharma Reform. In her keynote, she talked about the critical importance of the 3𝐀𝐬 of the upcoming EU pharma reform: Access, Availability, Affordability. Personalized medicine features as
HBIO Forum 2023
Lawgroup was a proud contributor at the 3rd Hellenic Biocluster (HBio) Forum 2023 at Megaron Athens International Conference Centre from 15th  – 17th June 2023
Cyber Leaders Summit 2023
When it comes to cybersecurity there is no room for complaisance.  Every organization must set up top-to-bottom policies and identify the leader, who will create a security culture and establish cross functionally the 3 cardinal rules of cybersecurity management: Prevent – Detect – Respond. Our associate Evangelia Manika ICT Law MSc. attended the Cyber Leaders Summit Greece 2023,

HARCO Clinical Trials Forum

Clinical Trials as a critical link in rare diseases treatment, will be the focal point of discussion at the Clinical Trials Forum organised by HACRO – Hellenic Association of CROs, which will be attended by Managing Partner Ioanna Michalopoulou on June 8th 2023. In her speech, she will refer to the EU pharma reform and how it is expected to affect clinical trials,


By Giorgos Skampoulos, Associate LL.M The increasing globalization, the growing ethnic diversity and the gradual search for new sources of nutrients are some of the key factors that have led to the increasing international appearance of new forms of food that were previously largely unknown to human consumption. According to the EU framework, any food
Michalopoulou & Associates Lawgroup in cooperation with Pytheia – the Competence Center in Greece in the field of Health – organizes the most valuable official seminar, which provides the knowledge required before any researchor development of Medical Devices and Software as Medical Devices. This course is addressed to all stakeholders in the medical device supply