However confined some solutions are to local markets, bigger issues arising from healthcare business and technology have made some legal challenges insurmountable, unless one is well-versed in global medical law developments.

Therefore, in addition to our local team, extensive resources in European, American & Asian legal markets have joined forces with us to form an international network of medical law knowledge and practice, which not only follows the developments in EU law but ensures that any solution given to the local level is filtered via the practice and practice expectations of the wider healthcare business and law community. At the same time, we work conjointly with local firms in order to meet the international needs of our clients or even to plan their expansion abroad. For companies looking to invest in Greece in this lucrative time, our firm can introduce you to offices in your area that work with us and make the investment process smoother, lessening the effects of bureaucracy and going-it-alone uncertainty.

In particular, our legal partners work with us on an exclusive or preferred basis covering the legal systems of the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy and Spain as well as the United States, China, Dubai and Malaysia.

Joining our medical law network means our clients enjoy excellent legal services on a global scale without having to deal with a multiplicity of law firms, systems and countries.