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At Michalopoulou & Associates Lawgroup we pride ourselves on the deep engagement to the corporate, commercial side of Medical, Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences Law.

Moreover, we have considerable experience advising on the issues arising from clinical drug trials and research, to licensing of production and marketing authorization of Pharmaceutical products including Cannabis Medicinal products. Thus, our expertise extends to the full range of legal business actions required for the notification and distribution of cosmetics and food supplements.

Our team of experts combine a mix of acute scientific understanding, legal expertise and experience in Health Law covering the fields of Intellectual Property, Information Technology Law, Licensing, Data Protection, Parallel Trade, Competition Clinical Negligence, e-Health, Biotechnology, Biosimilars, Personalized Medicine, Consent to Treatment in Clinical trials, Public Procurement, Consumer Law, Product Liability, e-Commerce, Clawback & Rebate issues, Malpractice, Licensing, Anti-bribery/Global Compliance issues focusing on Healthcare Compliance issues.


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    Live Seminar on the Medical Device Regulatory Framework (MDR & IVDR)

    Michalopoulou & Associates Lawgroup in cooperation with Pytheia – the Competence Center in Greece in the field of Health – organizes the most valuable official seminar, which provides the knowledge required before any researchor development of Medical Devices and Software as Medical Devices. This course is addressed to all stakeholders in...
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    The 2nd webinar on dietary supplements and the legislation governing

    The 2nd webinar on dietary supplements and the legislation governing their circulation and distribution was successfully held yesterday. It was delivered by our associate Giorgos Skampoulos LL.M....
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    Proud to be part of the Biotech evolution in Greece.

    Proud to be part of the Biotech evolution in Greece. An evolution with data at its epicenter. From patients’ and health care professionals’ to clinical trials’ and medical institutions’ data, Artificial Intelligence requires data volume, yet privacy laws pose restrictions. Our Managing Partner Ioanna Michalopoulou will be sp...
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    Lawyer October 2021

    Artificial Intelligence, its applications and the demands posed by Reg. 2017/745 (MDR) on medicaldevices manufactures and HP, was the core question set by Alexianna Tsotsou to our Managing Partner Ioanna Michalopoulou, as part of LAWYER | The Business Magazine’s research on artificialintelligence and the way it is shaping the new EU legal lan...

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Τo provide our clients with a watertight sense of security, ensuring they develop business wise within the confines of the Law and protected by the Law.
Thus, security underlines all our services, practices and results.

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